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Ten Turn Bead and Bone Bracelet - Black & White - CFM

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Our Ten Turn Bead and Bone Bracelet in Black & White is handcrafted by our partners at CFM and is a work of true craftsmanship that marries international style with ethics and beauty, to create a lovely statement piece.

We and CFM support the Fair Trade principles and our partners properly pay all of the artisans in India on time for their amazing work. The CFM group is a member of WFTO and helps to create a much-needed income for the artisan communities of rural India.

- Has 10 different turns of beads for a large, complex  design

- Can be worn by any wrist size, and is perfect for any fashion style

- Made of sustainably sourced bone, glass, and metal beads on wire, preserving our planet's resources

- Supports Fair Trade Indian artisans, uplifting individuals and families 

- Handmade by talented artisans who understand how to create works of art

- Is available in multiple colors!

The Ten Turn Bead and Bone Bracelet is a true work of art. Made primarily with bone beads and wire, along with accents of glass and metal beads throughout, this is a piece you’ll look good in while also doing good for Indian rural communities. As the name suggests, this bracelet has ten turns of beads, each one slightly different to create a complex, layered design. The primary colors are white and black, but you’ll also find hints of blue and silver dispersed throughout to add visual weight to the design.

This piece is made to fit any wrist and works as great as a statement piece. It’s the perfect size to draw the right kind of attention to your international style. If you’re looking for a powerful piece with equally powerful ethics, then you’ve found it.

You’ll love how this feels on your wrist and you can proudly say that you supported the artisan who made it. It’s a beautiful piece that works to enhance any look and will soon be your new favorite bracelet. Give it a try and you’ll see why Fair Trade artisan designed jewelry is truly the best.

Meet the Artisans

Zakale Creations

CFM, Community Friendly Movement is a social enterprise based out of New Delhi, India whose mission is to create income for its primary stakeholders, artisan communities in rural India, by working directly with the community, reducing the number of levels in the chain, and increasing the sustainable income of the individual. In addition to international marketing support, CFM trains groups on the importance of quality, enabling producers to create high quality, internationally-marketable goods.