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Felt Owl Mobile - Pink - Global Groove - Fair Trade Travel Gifts

Felt Owl Mobile - Pink - Global Groove

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Are you looking for that perfect mobile for your child that is vibrant, cute, and exudes international style? Look no further than our Fair Trade Felt Owl Mobile. This is a unique piece is handmade by a talented Nepalese artisan from 100% natural wool.

This mobile has four strands with felt owls hanging about 20 inches from a vibrant felt star at the top. Each owl is made from vibrant wool in colors like lovely pink, bright green, primary red, and vibrant purple that your child will love.

Our Felt Owl Mobile:

- Four unique strands of felt owls hang approximately 20 inches from a felt star

- 100% all-natural sustainable wool

- Each mobile is highly vibrant and made with attention to detail

- Each artisan is paid fairly for their time, we believe in Fair Trade work for all artisans

- Has international style that will fit any nursery decor 

As partners with Global Groove, we support Fair Trade artisans throughout Nepal and Thailand. We believe in building a sustainable movement that supports artisans and pays them fairly for their work.

You’ll find that every mobile, and every piece in general, has those subtle differences and expert craftsmanship that you only get with handmade items made by a trained artisan. Both you and your child will love this mobile, it’s a vibrant piece that will perfectly adorn the crib. 

If you want a beautiful mobile that your child will love and that ensures an artisan is properly paid, then our Felt Owl Mobile is ideal. It’s a lovely piece that looks great and supports artisans so that they can continue their traditional crafts.

Meet the Artisans

Global Groove Global Groove is a fair trade organization working with women by supporting and developing artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal. The Fair Trade industry is expanding and we are proud to be a part of a sustainable movement that is changing lives. We design, develop, produce and source fairly traded lifestyle products with a commitment to the sustainability of production and the cultural heritage of the groups that we work with. We inhale its people, its landscapes, its colors, its flavors, its very scent, and we exhale to create inspirational products symbolic of our traveling experiences. Global Groove encourages travel because the knowledge, acceptance and understanding of different ways, people and ideas is the very colorful road to a respectful, safer, kinder world.