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Eight Inch Pink Metal Gecko - Caribbean Craft - Fair Trade Travel Gifts

Eight Inch Pink Metal Gecko - Caribbean Craft

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Bring Caribbean color and tradition to your home! This beautiful gecko is handmade in Haiti by skillfully hand-crafting recycled oil drums. It has a small hook to hang the piece and is painted with a bright colorful design inspired by the local Haitian culture. From head to tail, the gecko is 8 inches long and makes the perfect gift. 

Meet the Artisans

Caribbean Crafts

Founded in 1990 by a multinational group of young entrepreneurs, Caribbean Craft promotes employment in Haiti by training unskilled craftspeople, and by assisting the independent artisans through the introduction of new designs and new market outlets for painted Haitian metal art.

Caribbean Craft's specialty is the brightly colored, artistically hand-painted Haitian metal art wall hangings. These hand-painted Haitian metal art pieces are truly works of art. Wall art designs include painted metal geckos, painted metal dragonflies and painted metal frogs.