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Beaded Multicolored 4 Strand Bracelet - Zakali Creations - Fair Trade Travel Gifts

Beaded Multi-colored 4 Strand Bracelet - Handmade in Nairobi

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Our Beaded Multi-colored four strand bracelet is handmade by our Fair Trade artisan partners Zakali Jewelry in Nairobi Africa. It allows you to showcase your international ethical style and gives international artisans life-changing opportunities. 

- Made of multi-colored reclaimed or recycled beads, looks great with any outfit and preserves the planet 

- Beads are strung with the wire cord found inside of tires, creative upcycling preventing waste 

- 8-inches long, with a hook closure with multiple rings for sizing options 

- Each bracelet support talented deserving artisans with an opportunity to drastically improve their living conditions

Wearing this beautiful bracelet sets you apart as an important supporter of opportunity in the slums of Nairobi where opportunity is scarce. These bracelets are beaded by hand with colorful beads by 15 young men and women, providing them a fair-paying sustainable income and a path out of the Nairobi slums. 

Meet the Artisans

Zakale Creations

Working with Jedando Modern Handicrafts the young men and women of Zakali Jewelry produce handmade Fair Trade fashion jewelry. They are taught to use the expert skills of wire work, electroplating, and beading. The project first started as a garbage collection project in the slums of Nairobi and has advanced to an internationally recognized jewelry crafting group. The Fair Trade artisans are proud of their respected careers that allow them to provide for their families. Recycling remains very close to the heart of the project and much of the material used is reclaimed or recycled, including the cord found inside of tires, which is used to string beads.