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Michelle Goyette is an advocate, public speaker, and blogger about conscious consumerism and Fair Trade,  as well as the founder of Unique World Inspirations - a social enterprise providing Fair Trade crafts, inspired by the people and cultures encountered on her travels. With her partner James they work to spread the message that "We Are One Global Family" and through our conscious choices, we can all greatly impact our world.

With soul passion for travel and a lifelong love of global people and cultures, she was called to help uplift individuals, families, and communities in developing nations through Fair Trade.

She founded Unique World Inspirations in 2017 and has been speaking ever since. With speaking engagements ranging from international to local consciousness festivals as well as to local groups of all sizes, she shares the inspiring message that we all have immense power to make the world a better place. 


Your Superpower to Lift People Out of Poverty  | TEDxBrandmanUniversity | Michelle Goyette


Many people feel powerless in their ability to help global crises, but you hold an immense untapped superpower in your everyday shopping. Learn how you can very easily harness it to make a global impact.



Talks & Workshop Topics 


  • Easy Conscious Consumerism
  • 5 Steps to Becoming a More Conscious Consumer
  • Empowering Women Globally: Small Choices that Change Lives 
  • Sustainable Consumption: Saving the Planet One Purchase at a Time 
  • Buycotting, the New Activism to Make a Global Impact
  • Public Speaking with Confidence and Impact
  • Why Developing Countries Should be on Your Bucket List
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Group Om for Global Love
  • Meditative Hug Experience 

    Previous & Upcoming Events


    AdramaNation - Black Rock City, NV

    Cosmic Convergence - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 

    Desert Hearts - Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA 

    Entheos - Black Rock City, NV

    Everywhen and the Electric Universe - Edwards, CA 

    Girls Scouts - Orange County, CA

    Hello, We Love You! -  Black Rock City, NV

    Inspirational Living Center - Huntington Beach, CA

    Lightening in a Bottle - Bakersfield, CA

    Love Long Beach - Long Beach, CA

    One Love Fest - Dolan Springs, AZ

    TEDx Brandman University - Irvine, CA

    Totality Festival - Weldon, CA 

     Viva Luna - Jamul, CA

    World UNITY Week - Globally Online 

    Conscious Consumer Speaker




    "Working with Fair Trade groups and having presented around the world, Michelle brings global stories, culture, and love to the stage and was a complete joy to have as a part of our workshops. The well-prepared content presented was thoroughly researched and highly valued. The engaging local Guatemalan stories of current positive Fair Trade impact resonated with every individual there and left nothing but pure inspiration!"

    - Selva Bhairavi, Cosmic Convergence Co-Founder


     "Michelle delivered a passionate and captivating workshop that had the attendees standing to take action. Her energy, enthusiasm and expansive knowledge on Fair Trade & conscious consumerism had even people walking by stopping to hear more. Michelle's message flowed and was personal, professional, and responsive to any question thrown her way."

    – Hello, We Love You! Nikita Workshop Director


    Attendees responses to Horizons public speaking presentation (649 attendees):

    “Great presentation. Learned a lot.”

    “It was a GREAT.  WONDERFUL presentation.”

    “Great speaker and presentation I loved it.”

    “Beyond wonderful. Thank you so very much. Would it be ok if I ask you to be my mentor?”

    “Great presentation on a topic most of us find very intimating.”

    “I am fairly comfortable with public speaking but this session gave me some good tools to make me a more effective speaker.”


      Conscious consumer Fair Trade public speaker


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