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Fair Trade public speaker


Michelle Goyette is an advocate, public speaker, and blogger about conscious consumerism and Fair Trade,  as well as the founder of Unique World Inspirations - a social enterprise providing Fair Trade crafts, inspired by the people and cultures encountered on her travels. Her mission is to spread the message that We Are One Global Family and through our conscious choices, we can all greatly impact our world.

With soul passion for travel and a lifelong love of global people and cultures, she was called to help uplift individuals, families, and communities in developing nations through Fair Trade.

She founded Unique World Inspirations in 2017 and has been speaking ever since. With speaking engagements ranging from international to local consciousness festivals as well as to local groups of all sizes, she shares the inspiring message that we all have immense power to make the world a better place. 

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Speech & Workshop Topics 

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