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Our Story - Unique World Inspirations

Our Story - The Why of

Unique World Inspirations

Unique World Inspirations is a social enterprise online shop, selling Fair Trade gifts and products inspired by the people and cultures we’ve encountered on our travels. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation.

Our mission is simple: to improve the lives of the people with whom we share this planet, one product at a time. By purchasing our Fair Trade verified products and gifts, you can make a difference in the lives of talented artisans around the world.

We founded this company because of a lifelong love for traveling. Our fellow wanderers know that when you travel, you not only fall in love with the places you visit, but the people you meet. It’s this love of people and culture that inspired us to create a shop full of products sourced from Fair Trade artisan groups. Each item in our shop highlights the artisan's story so you can know who makes your products and how it is making a difference.

Unique World Inspirations

Our goal is to be the fair trade hub for globetrotters, helping them meet cultures and explore their global style while giving back.

We source products from artisans that use traditional techniques and sustainable materials to handcraft products that are unique, meaningful, and showcase their global style. By aligning ourselves with Fair Trade verified producers and brands, we can ensure that the craftspeople who make each of our products are paid a fair wage for their work, are provided with safe working conditions, are provided opportunities for professional development, and have no forced or child labor. Instead of charity, they are provided careers that have sustainability both for themselves and the environment. You can read more about what it means to be a Fair Trade verified business here.

Throughout our adventures (48 combined, with more to come!), our respect and appreciation for the diversity and beauty of our amazing planet has expanded. The beauty and uniqueness found in each individual expression of culture, art, music, food, and way of life, has inspired us to share the journey and we hope you feel the global love with each artisan story and product.


10 Principles of Fair Trade from the World Fair Trade Organization:

 Fair Trade Principles

Image from World Fair Trade Organization



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