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Wrap Bracelet in Black & White - Fair Trade Artist Crafted

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Our black & white Night & Day ethical wrap bracelet is hand-woven in Thailand by Fair Trade jewelry artists.

A goes-with-anything versatility wrap bracelet, wear on a night out or to your favorite music event or travel destination. 


  • Unisex
  • One-size wrap style, wrist size will determine the number of wraparounds 
  • Hand strung on waxed cotton
  • Two strings of black & white beads
  • Beaded clasp at 22 and 23 inches
  • Individually handcrafted in Nothern Thailand by jewelry artisans
  • Fair Trade and ethically made

Why Fair Trade Wrap Bracelets?

Fair Trade is about empowering the farmers, producers, and artists making the goods we use every day. The workers in a Fair Trade supply chain have access to better job opportunities, are paid a living wage, their rights and equality are protected. n addition, they participate in collective decision-making on community funds generated through the Fair Trade premium.

In the Northern Chiang Mai Province in Thailand, job opportunities are limited. Our partner Darin is a talented Fair Trade jewelry designer who, through Fair Trade, has organized a jewelry cop-op and hired local women, including Nueng. Each bracelet purchase provides Darin, Nueng, and other women in the villages with equitable work while allowing them to remain local.

Equitable employment allows them to use their traditional jewelry weaving talents, while caring for their families. Fair Trade includes an uplifting, nurturing, empowering artisan crafter and retail relationship, giving a new avenue to sell their jewelry and provide fair, timely, and reliable pay.

Each bracelet makes a difference for the Thai artisan and their family! 


What is Howlite Good For?

Howlite is a borate mineral gemstone usually found in evaporite deposits, so it is relatively rare. It is known as a calming and communication stone, it can:

  • Promote grounded communication
  • Facilitate awareness
  • Encourage emotional expression and healing
  • Teach patience
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