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Tibetan Incense - Sandalwood - Global Groove (I) - Fair Trade Travel Gifts

Tibetan Incense - Sandalwood - Global Groove (I)

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Great for travel lovers or meditators, Sandalwood Fair Trade incense. Perfected for gifting, they are wrapped in a fabric cylinder with a twisted paper closure. The traditionally crafted bundle of incense comes with approximately 30 sticks and includes a wood holder. Each stick burns for approximately 1 hour.

Each purchase supports artisans in Tibet with fair-paying jobs that allow them to preserve their traditional crafting culture, improve their living conditions, and uplift their communities. 

- Handcrafted in Tibet by Fair Trade artisans 

- Wrapped in fabric cylinder with paper twist closure 

- Approximately 30 sticks that burn for 1 hour each 

- Incense wooden holder included 

Meet the Artisans

Global Groove Global Groove is a fair trade organization working with women by supporting and developing artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal. The Fair Trade industry is expanding and we are proud to be a part of a sustainable movement that is changing lives. We design, develop, produce and source fairly traded lifestyle products with a commitment to the sustainability of production and the cultural heritage of the groups that we work with. We inhale its people, its landscapes, its colors, its flavors, its very scent, and we exhale to create inspirational products symbolic of our traveling experiences. Global Groove encourages travel because the knowledge, acceptance and understanding of different ways, people and ideas is the very colorful road to a respectful, safer, kinder world.