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Unisex/Men's Wrap Bracelet - Brown Vegan Leather - Boho, Ethical, Festival

$22.99  In Stock


Our men's/unisex wrap bracelet is made of sustainable wood beads and animal-free faux leather. Each bracelet supports remote village artist co-ops in Thailand.

  • 26.5" long
  • Sustainably sourced wood beads 
  • Vegan, ethical, sustainable leather 
  • 4 different size adjustments with a cowry shell loop closure
  • Fair Trade
  • Individually hand-woven by artisans in Thailand
  • Fair Trade, ethically made

Why the Fair Trade Option

Each wrap bracelet purchase supports Thai village artisans providing them with equitable, reliable, and timely pay. Through Fair Trade, they can remain in their village where otherwise income would be hard to find while continuing their traditional crafting techniques and supporting their families. 

What is Vegan Leather? 

Vegan or "faux leather" is a fake eco-friendly leather-like material that does not use animal skin or products in production. It is the ethical alternative to give you the same rustic look while protecting animals and the planet.