Om Meditation Festival Wrap/Scarf - Black & Red - Fair Trade & Ethically Made

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Our black and maroon Pashmina meditation wrap/shawl allows you to choose. An extremely versatile large scarf can be used as a soft meditation coverup, sunshade, ground covering, or as home/home alter decor. Each shawl supports Nepalese Fair Trade artisans keeping traditional weaving alive.


  • Black and red Om pattern 
  • Fine soft natural Pashmina wool blend
  • Size: 27" Wide x 76" Long
  • Handmade in Nepal 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Fair Trade
  • Handcrafted by Nepalese artisans using traditional weaving techniques 
  • Please note: Each wrap is meticulous handcrafted and may show some form of irregularities since it’s handwoven

Why Fair Trade Textiles?

In traditional manufacturing, workers are often not made aware of or given basic rights we are all custom to, are required to work unreasonable hours, and are in unsafe and unhealthy working environments. Fair Trade provides equitable pay and treatment as well as sustainable and eco-friendly practices so, uplifting sustainable jobs and protecting the planet. Through supporting Fair Trade cloth, you’re supporting equitable sustainable development and actively fighting against poverty and exploitation of workers, and keeping wonderful, talented artisans out of sweatshops. 


What is a Pashmina Meditation Shawl?

Meditation Shawls can surround you during the meditation session to hold the energy reached during the practice. They also have a beneficial effect on the mind, as the body cools down during meditation, and the extra warmth provided by the shawl stops the mind from being distracted. This shawl is perfect for lying on, as a coverup, shade cloth, or decor. They are also popular with ordained Tibetan monks and nuns.

Pashmina is the soft fluffy fiber cashmere of Nepal. The sustainable natural fiber is made from the undercoat of the rare Himalayan goat (also known as the Chyangra.) They live in the Himalayas above 14,000 feet. The wool is naturally shed in summers by the goats and is cleaned, spun, woven, and handcrafted into luxury Pashmina scarves, shawls, and wrap accessories. With proper care, Pashminas can be used lifelong, and we have encountered that this unique piece of fiber has been handed over from generation to generation, even in Royal and wealthy families. It is the most durable and cozy fiber suitable for human skin providing warmth and comfort. Pashmina is also known as Cashmere but is found to be thicker in diameter and less fine as compared to Pashmina.


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