Your Ultimate Fair Trade Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Fair Trade Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Fair Trade Gift Guide

Ultimate Fair Trade Guide for Ethical GiftsRevenue of Fair Trade international products has steadily risen in the past several years. The year 2004 saw just 947 million dollars (832 million euros) of international revenue. Yet, 2016 brought in 8,978 million dollars of revenue.* This increase has drastically impacted the number of developing countries artisans’ lives. Through working with Fair Trade artisans groups, they are paid fairly and on time, are treated with dignity and respect, and are provided funds to add much-needed resources to their communities.

Buying Fair Trade products greatly affects individual artisans and their communities and you too can make a world of a difference this holiday season as you shop for ethical gifts.

Read on for some gift ideas for everyone on your list. 


World Instruments

Everyone knows that you don't have to be a musician to appreciate music. Jamtown World Instruments also believes anyone can create a beat that makes your body and soul feel good.

From handcrafted egg shakers to djembe drums, there is something for everyone. All of these ethical products are made by hand from various parts of the world. Artisans source sustainable materials like bamboo, gourds, and seeds to make their wares.

These instruments look great on a living room wall or display shelf, and they are great for passing around to guests of all ages at get-togethers. 


Fair Trade Art

For the travel lover on your list, consider giving Fair Trade art pieces. International art is unique and will bring an international vibe into the home of anyone with wanderlust.

Plus, buying Fair Trade art is one of the best ways that you can help preserve handicrafts that have been around for hundreds of years. 
The best thing about giving art pieces is that artisans often upcycle and recycle materials in their process. That is a much different process than what happens when mass-produced art is manufactured.

And chances are, you won't be gifting your loved one something they already have many of!


Fair Trade Jewelry

Fair Trade handmade jewelry from around the world is sure to delight any of the ladies on your Christmas list this year. If one of your loved ones is a global traveler (or just wants to be) choose a unique handcrafted piece from their favorite country.

From bracelets, anklets, earrings, and necklaces, there is something to suit any style. Even those who don't normally wear a lot of jewelry will treasure a keepsake piece that was lovingly made in another part of the globe.

Buying Fair Trade jewelry is a much better option than buying from a large retailer for several reasons. For one thing, the artisans that craft Fair Trade jewelry take pride in their work. There is no automated assembly line with Fair Trade jewelry and each is crafted by hand with special attention to detail.

Also, each Fair Trade jewelry piece that you give supports the local communities in the countries that item is from. Both you and the recipient of your gift will be glad to know that their beautiful piece is making the world a better place.


Fair Trade Gifts for Kiddos

For the little ones on your list, Fair Trade gifts for babies and children inspired by world travel are unique fun options. With a range of options for sustainable baby and kids’ clothes, plushes, products, toys, games, and nursery décor, there’s an option for all ages.

Each gift gives back to the hands that make them. Help teach our children where their products come from and how they can make the world a better, fairer, place as they grown. Preserving traditional crafts and sustainably practices ensure the communities have jobs for generations to come.

Each purchase creates new opportunities for global artisans, their families, and their communities and will be a gift your child will love.

Bottom Line on Ethical Gifts 

Thanks for reading! We hope you got some good ideas for ethical gifts for everyone on your list. Purchasing Fair Trade gifts for your friends and family not only allow you to gift unique hand-crafted items, but they are also uplift the artisans who make them, making the world a better place one gift at a time!

Are you trying to become a conscientious shopper? We know it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Check out this conscious consumer interview to see how Marisa is able to make ethical shopping possible and simple. 



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