Fair Trade Gifts for Dad Under $30

Unique Father's Day Gifts - Ethical, Fair Trade and Under $40

Fair Trade Gifts for Dad Under $30

Unique Father's Day Gift Guide

Ethical, Fair Trade, and Under $40 

Show your daddio some love while supporting artisans around the globe! All of our unique gifts are Fair Trade verified and handmade by talented artisans using traditional crafts and sustainable practices.

Whether your dad is a world traveler or just likes cool stuff, he will enjoy the craftsmanship, story of who made his gift, and that his gift gives back! Each purchase helps provide fair-paying, safe, reliable jobs to people in developing countries.


Handmade Wood Dice Box with Five Dice 


For dad Handmade Wood Dice Box with Five Dice

Perfect for the dad who likes games, this dice box is hand-carved from Sheesham wood, contains five small wooden dice. The box measures 2 inches square when closed. Made by a fair trade collective in India that preserves traditional art forms and creates opportunities for women and minorities to realize their creative, economic, and leadership potential. 


Open Road Sustainable Leather Wallet


Father's Day Open Road Sustainable Leather Wallet

For a man who love the road, this soft folding wallet is handcrafted from ethically sourced, vegetable tanned leather with embossed motorcycle design and three card slots. Measures 4 by 3 inches. Handmade by a fair trade collective in 40 communities in India that preserves traditional art forms and creates opportunities for 20,000 women and minorities, helping them realize their dreams. 


Men's Renaissance Vegan Wrap Bracelet


Men's Vegan Wrap Bracelet

For the father with bohemian style, this 26.5-inch wrap bracelet is made from faux leather and wood, with a cowry shell loop closure. Handmade by a Fair Trade organization that works with women to support and develop artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal with a commitment to the sustainability of production and cultural heritage.


Recycled Handmade Metal Guitar Art


Recycled Handmade Metal Guitar Arts for Father's

Perfect for the musician or the musician wannabe, this Haitian metal wall art is cut and embossed by hand and is perfect for hanging indoors or out. The sheets are cut from steel drums colored by oil and other liquids the drums at one time held. The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful wall art is all done by hand and the artists are proud of their work, signing the pieces on the back side, leaving a raised, reversed signature on the front.


4. Bicycle Chain and Gear Photo Frame


Bicycle Chain and Gear Photo Frame for him

Loved by cyclists and recyclists this photo frame includes a recycled gear from a bike in India placed in the corner and measures 5 by 6 inches. Working to promote social justice by working directly with underprivileged artisans by paying them fair wages to help them develop the knowledge to support themselves and their families. They are committed to empowering women and underprivileged communities and moving towards a global Fair Trade lifestyle through the promotion of the Fair Trade Principles.


Mini Meditation Bowl & Box


  Mini Meditation Bowl and Box Gift

For the om loving dad, this attractive gift box is made with sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper on top of a recycled paperboard. Inside the square box, you'll find a cushion, striker, and 2-inch diameter bowl along with instruction for care and how to use it for a simple meditation. Handmade in Kathmandu by Fair Trade artisans supporting equality for women, fair wages, and sustainable jobs. 


Sustainable Leather Tree Free Journal


Bound in Sustainable Leather Journal Tree Free

For the writer at heart, this 4 by 6-inch journal features intricate embossing on sustainably sourced leather cover and a flap overlay with elastic straps. The 96 pages inside are cotton rag 100% tree-free paper. Made by artisans groups with the mission of creating opportunities for minorities and women to help them realize their creative, economic and leadership potential through a Fair Trade job. 


Fair Trade Freight Train Organic Coffee 12oz


Fair Trade Organic Coffee for Dad

For the dad who has to have his cup of joe, this Fair Trade -Bold, sweet, delightfully lush and smooth blend of the finest Certified USDA Organic Fair Trade coffees from Mexico and Peru. Pecans, milk chocolate, and caramel apple sweetness in our signature Light Roast. Deeply committed to fair, direct, and transparent trading relationships with small-scale coffee farmers and their cooperatives throughout the world’s coffee lands.   


Mini Owl's Nest Drum


Mini Owl Drum for Dad

For the collector or musician, this cute drum is handmade by Peruvian artisans from a gourd, 4-inch diameter, 3-inch tall and has two goatskin heads. Adorned with an owl motif achieved with traditional burning techniques, this drum includes a stick and playing instructions. The artisans utilize ancient knowledge and natural, sustainable materials like bamboo, gourds, and seeds. Provide by small producer groups from developing countries that are provided important support to low-income families through fair wages and community assistance.


Handmade Tibetan Incense


Handmade Tibetan Incense

For the man cave, meditation room, or bathroom this incense pack is wrapped in a fabric cylinder with a twisted paper closure, with approximately 30 sticks, and includes a wood holder. Each stick burns approximately 1 hour. Handmade by developing artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal it is supporting the sustainable movement that is changing lives. 

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