The People Behind the Products: An Interview Sustainable Threads

The People Behind the Products: An Interview Sustainable Threads

The People Behind the Products: An Interview Sustainable Threads
Sustainable Threads Unique World Inspirations

Knowing the people behind the products we purchase is a goal of ours, and Unique World Inspirations is proud to be partnered with Sustainable Threads in our mission to make a difference.

Sustainable Threads is a Fair Trade and Green America certified company promoting handmade lifestyle products crafted in partnership with low-income artisan communities in India. Our interview with them will explain what a difference your purchases can make.

What inspired you to start Sustainable Threads? 

As a trained social worker, Poonam worked with a non-profit in India working on governance issues and well-being of marginalized communities. Harish's experience was in the realm of merchandising and marketing in various parts of the globe. We decided on Sustainable Threads, to be a social enterprise that employs the fusion of our experience, towards ideas of social justice and entrepreneurship.

What would you like people to know about Fair Trade products?

Fair Trade products are often handmade, unlike traditional businesses, made by artisans who do not have access to markets - because of their geographic location or their social circumstances. The social justice element (so important to the idea of Fair Trade) is explored in various ways  -  for instance in our disabled groups, profits are shared with older disabled artisans who are now unable to work. To us, Fair Trade is about the ‘people’ and processes in trade relationships!

How have your artisans benefited from Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is more than being employed  -  it brings to the table (to various degrees) conversation on work, quality, and commitments they have to make as suppliers, under conditions that can be afforded by their customers. By virtue of coming together for work they also engage on issues that affect them as a  community and seek solutions. Fair Trade partnerships have helped our artisans think of a whole range of subjects - beyond creating their products.  One of which is the topic of their own self-identity and their self-image.

What community impact has Sustainable Threads made?

The most rewarding aspect of our work has been providing an ‘investment’ in artisan groups  - offering long-term trading partnerships, design inputs to make their skills and products more current and relevant, and the largest of them all is providing hope. 

What is one thing you want people to know about Sustainable Threads?

The words that I hope people (we certainly do) associate with Sustainable Threads are honesty and value-driven.

 Sustainable Threads Artisans Unique World Inspiration

What is unique about your crafts and artisans?

Rejuvenated cotton weaving; cruelty-free silk; traditional crafts (handloom vs power looms); modern aesthetics; natural and recycled fibers. Sustainable Threads’ custom designs!

 Why should people who love traveling be especially interested in Sustainable Threads?

People who love traveling are interested in culture and history and appreciate people’s stories. Traditional methods of textile production and traditional crafts are essentially part of the artisans’ cultural history. Sustainable Threads' work lends itself to this interest. We have spent a great deal of time to design our products that involve these ancient, old-world techniques.

 Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Sustainable Threads is committed to bringing as ethically sourced and as earth-friendly products as possible to the market. Someone is surely helped with every single purchase of our products, be it a tribal artisan or a slum dweller.

We invite you to take a look at Sustainable Threads ethical product lines of table, home decor and stationery products. Each purchase does make a difference! Purchase their beautiful crafts and learn more at Sustainable Threads - Unique World Inspirations

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