Travelers jewlery buying ideas

Make Their Heart Soar: How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Travelers

Travelers jewlery buying ideas

 Jewelry Gifts for Travels Tips

Each year, 1.4 billion tourists travel the globe. Europe and the Americas have the biggest draws bringing in 713 million and 217 million respectively.

Do you have a travel lover in your life? Read on for everything you need to know about buying jewelry for travelers.

Choose Practical Jewelry for Travelers 

When you shop for jewelry for travelers, it is nice to consider the practicality of those items.

To start, buy your travel-loving loved one jewelry that is not priceless. Traveling a lot means that your items are at risk for being forgotten next to a bathroom sink in Argentina or lost in a busy train station in Europe.

People who love to travel and see the world typically love experiences, not having priceless possessions. So, instead of choosing a four-figure piece of jewelry from the diamond store in the mall, look for themed jewelry that has more sentimental value than its price tag.

Also, jewelry for travelers should be light-weight, easy to pack and suitable to wear with any outfit. Choose items that aren't likely to get tangled when packed. Items such as cuffs and bead bracelets make excellent choices.

People full of wanderlust probably won't be interested in wearing delicate, dainty necklaces that can't get wet or dirty. After all, exploring the world is about having adventures. Sometimes that includes taking a muddy ride on a jeep to a remote village or jumping into a pristine lake after a long hike.

Always, always keep the lifestyle of your traveler in mind when choosing jewelry for him or her. 

Choose Fair Trade Items

Do you know what a huge difference it makes to purchase Fair Trade items? Well, let us tell you!

Fair Trade is a movement that ensures workers in underdeveloped countries receive fair pay for their labor.

In the traditional global system of economy, the cost of exporting goods and marketing is so high that the frontline people who actually make the products often get little or no money. It's a cruel and unfair system that has gone on far too long.

The Fair Trade movement has standards so that all people involved in supply chains are treated ethically and fairly, from coffee bean harvesters to jewelry artisans, make earn a living wage so they can support themselves and their families.

In order to be considered Fair Trade, a company must pass a rigorous certification or membership process. Fair trade promotes honesty, integrity, and ethical practices and denounces exploitation. 

How Fair Trade Works

Fair Trade companies build relationships of trust with small farmers and artisans. These partnerships ensure fair wages and safe working conditions and also work to empower producers to positively impact their local communities.

The workers who partner with Fair Trade companies get access to education, skills training, scholarships and other opportunities that they might never have had otherwise. In return, these workers are better able to provide for themselves and boost the economic situation of their village.

Perks of Buying Fair Trade

When you choose to purchase Fair Trade products, you can rest assured that those items were not produced by forced child or slave laborers.

Another great perk of buying Fair Trade is that all the materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Fair Trade products leave a drastically smaller carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship compared to traditional methods of producing goods.

Also, say goodbye to mass-produced jewelry made by machines!

Fair Trade jewelry is made by skilled artisans by hand. Each piece will be unique and one of a kind. That means that Fair Trade jewelry is often better quality than costume jewelry because artisans take pride in their handiwork and utilizing their traditional crafting techniques.

Shop for Region Specific Items

One way to give the perfect gift to your travel-loving friend or family member is to choose jewelry from a specific region.

Chances are you've heard your traveler gush about their trip to Africa or Asia. We bet they've developed a love for that culture they got to experience. 

You can remind your loved one about that special trip with a commemorative piece from that region. For example, Buddha knot earrings are lovely travel-inspired jewelry that can be worn regularly.

A Buddha knot symbolizes Samsara, the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth within Buddhism. Since the knot has no beginning or end it also symbolizes the wisdom of the Buddha.

Your travel lover will be thrilled to wear a beautiful reminder of the wisdom found in Buddhism.

You can find regional, culturally significant jewelry from any part of the world. If your traveler hasn't yet made the trip to a special place, you can buy him or her an item from that country as a way to keep the dream alive as they save for their dream trip.

Choose one of a Kind Artisan Jewelry

Travel-inspired jewelry is the best type of jewelry you can get for your constant traveler. And it's even better if you can get one of a kind artisan jewelry that has a unique secret to share.

For example, a Kenari Nut Shaker Bracelet looks like a cool funky bracelet. And it is! But being made of Kenari nuts, they make a great sound and can be played as an instrument!

Handcrafted by artists in Bali, this gorgeous statement bracelet will transport your travel lover to their trip to Southeast Asia while allowing them to create their own music and memories when they wear it.  

Bottom Line

Thanks for reading! We hope this article on jewelry for travelers has inspired you and has shown you the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

Shop our global collection of Fair Trade jewelry to find the perfect gift for that special someone. 


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