Conscientious Consumer Interview -  Mathilde in Paris France

Conscientious Consumer Interview - Mathilde in Paris France

Conscientious Consumer Interview -  Mathilde in Paris France

At Unique World Inspirations our mission is to spread awareness of conscientious and conscious lifestyles and the power we have to make an impact on a global scale through our local decisions.

Through each of our choices we the power to positively impact our global family, and by utilizing the power of our purchases, we can work together to make the world a better place!

Through our interviews from around the globe, we hope to give inspiration from personal stories and journeys of mindful purchasing. We hope you are enjoying these interviews of real-life examples of agents of change and collecting tips for your exploration on conscious consumerism along the way.


In our interview with Mathilde she shares how a lifetime of conscious consumerism inspired her to launch her brand, Olly, an eco-responsible lingerie brand created in Paris in 2016.

Through her passion to help change the fashion industry, she inspires us to know not only can consciousness be beautiful, it can also help save the planet!


French Conscious Consumerism


How did you first learn about Fair Trade and Conscious consumerism? 

As my parents are very committed to conscious and organic consumerism, I unknowingly learned about it at a very young age!

What motivated you to make changes in your purchasing? 

I read a lot of articles about the disasters caused by the fashion industry, the number of chemicals that you can find in an apple… and it made me change.

What products do you do to purchase consciously?

I buy organic food, natural cosmetics, and make-up, second-hand and ethical clothes.


Conscious underwear Olly


What has been the easiest and hardest parts for you?  
Some products are very easy to find, such as food and cosmetics. Some others are very hard to find or replace with a conscious choice (especially on a budget), like furniture and perfume. More and more options are becoming available though, and hopefully soon we all will be able to find ethical, sustainable, and conscious choices all over the world.

What factors do you look into or research when purchasing? 
I most often research quality and non-toxic products; I pay attention to the labels and to the country of production of the items. Labels are the easiest way to quickly find out more information about the product and if it aligns with your conscious consumerism beliefs.

Does buying consciously shopping cost you a lot more?

It costs me a bit more, but the value and quality are worth it. If I wanted to buy everything brand new and a conscious brand, I think it would be very costly for me. However, second-hand purchasing is a sustainable and economical solution that fits any budget.

Ethical Fair Trade Underwear


What advice would you give to purchase more consciously?

I would say that first, you need to describe your need precisely, define a budget and try to find a conscious product. It is important to buy things that you really need and not only on impulse. By not buying on impulse you save time, money, and the planet! Also, by thinking about your purchases you get items you actually need, really want, and will keep longer.

Do you find the switch to ethical goods and products have improved the quality of the items? 

Absolutely! Whatever initial cost difference there might have been compared to a non-conscious item is saved by the quality of not having to replace it as often. Also knowing the item is healthier, ethical, sustainable, and aligns with my beliefs, makes each product have a deeper meaning for me.
Conscious Consumer Interview Olly


How do you feel your purchases make a difference?

I think my purchases can really make a difference: for my health, but also for society. By buying consciously, I send a signal to the industries that I want good, healthy and sustainable products. Big players of the food or fashion industry are creating organic or sustainable collections to respond to the consumers’ desire to purchasing better. This shows that we can make a difference with our purchases!

What’s your favorite conscious consumerism quote? 

“Call it ‘eco-fashion’ if you like, but I think it’s just common sense.” - Livia Firth

We want to thank Mathilde for being an eco-conscious consumer inspiration! By following her passion for organic ethical fashion she has expanded the conscious fashion industry. Through our shopping choices, we can make a positive impact locally and globally.
Thank you Mathilde for reminding us that consciousness can be beautiful while we help save the planet! 
Olly Fair Trade Underwear

Olly is a French brand of organic underwear for women that proves that eco-friendly can also be beautiful. Our eco-responsible lingerie is created in Paris, and made in Hungary with European laces, organic cot-ton certified GOTS and dyes certified Oeko-tex 100. Extremely feminine and incredibly soft, our pieces show that you can be both pretty and comfortable in organic cotton underwear.

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